Welcome to the musings of a servant.  As I get older (now comfortably  past the half-century mark),  God continues to teach me that the less self-reliant, the less selfish, and the more servant-oriented I aspire to be, the more effectively He can use me for His purposes.

Trust me, this is not my comfort zone because I am the classic, type A, driven, success-oriented person who, for most of my life, operated under the premise that I am in control of my own destiny.  And while God has always played a role in my life, He was not integral to my decisions, my relationships, and my daily journey.  Why “servant”?  Because when Jesus was asked by his followers about the greatest commandment he explained there were actually two.  First: love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.  And the second: Love your neighbors as yourself.  Sounds like we are called to a pretty simple mission – to serve God and to serve others.

The cool part of this evolution and focus for me is that the more I learn to slow down and “be still” and allow God to play the central role and purpose in my life, the less I worry and the more I feel a sense of peace (and and gratitude) every day.

And that’s why I’ve started this blog forum – to have a simple way to share some perspectives, to solicit your ideas (and objections) and to be the “empty vessel” I feel called to embrace.  I hope to share thoughts and resources with friends and colleagues who may benefit from the collaboration and dialogue.

At least initially, I intend to cover a myriad of “life” topics – from faith to social issues and from politics to pop culture (occasionally).  I am committed that we will:

  • Encourage a dialogue on issues that matter
  • Challenge your paradigms with a biblical world view
  • Provide short, entertaining  vignettes that may provide a lift to your day
  • Or simply share whatever happens to strike me as useful on any given day or week

I appreciate your visits, welcome your perspectives and encourage you to invite your friends to join the discussion!

In case you have an interest in finding out more about my background – which may also help explain some of the perspectives I share, here is my LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/pbourke which includes a link to my personal testimony.

Peter Bourke

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